Hassie Kirsch schrieb am 10.09.2020: ATTN: animehunter.de / Animehunter | Your News and Review Database WEB SITE SERVICES This notice RUNS OUT ON: Sep 10, 2020 We have not received a settlement from you. We have actually attempted to call you yet were unable to reach you. Please Go To: https://bit.ly/3iihowP ASAP. For information as well as to make a discretionary payment for services. 09102020142334.
Kristin Mazza schrieb am 06.09.2020: This Google doc exposes how this scamdemic is part of a bigger plan to crush your business and keep it closed or semi-operational (with heavy rescritions) while big corporations remain open without consequences. This Covid lie has ruined many peoples lives and businesses and is all done on purpose to bring about the One World Order. It goes much deeper than this but the purpose of this doc is to expose the evil and wickedness that works in the background to ruin peoples lives. So feel free to share this message with friends and family. No need to reply to the email i provided above as its not registered. But this information will tell you everything you need to know. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-iQDfs-KxyphbRLDd12aGE9JDRnUgUrCCcn8cYBfb4s/edit
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Eric Jones schrieb am 02.09.2020:
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